She’s Back!

She’s Back!

Oh no! She’s back!

Yes, that’s right. I’m back! With more insights and commentary about the latest happenings in the case of missing Ayla Bell Reynolds. I have to admit, I didn’t think Ayla’s mother would go through with her threat to sue Justin DiPietro, Ayla’s father, but not only has she done so, but he has also hired a lawyer and responded!

Let’s check it out!

First, let’s look at the complaint Trista filed. I was as much surprised at what she left out as what she put in! No mention of the pulled leg muscle, the ball pit bruises, and the Department of Health and Human Services family team meeting where Justin was reportedly threatened with “dire consequences” if he did not return Ayla in three days time!

Curiously, however, she does bring up the broken arm. I find that curious for many reasons. When Ayla first went missing Trista would flip back and forth on the issue. Sometimes she said she found nothing suspicious, other times she would. There are no doctors notes claiming suspected abuse, yet the day of the first specialist appointment Trista sister called Child Protective Services claiming that the doctor who “saw the child and stated that he felt that the injuries were not consistent with the description of how the father said they occurred. (The doctor) reported that this was an uncommon break in a 19-month-old child.” Why did Trista lie about this? If the doctor had felt that, it would have been in his notes. Trista released the hospital and doctor’s records for Ayla’s visits for the broken arm and the pulled leg muscle, and there was nothing noted by the specialist. Doesn’t she realize that Justin can subpoena the records? And he can also rebut with the television interview Trista did where she claimed she didn’t find anything suspicious about the broken arm and that she felt Ayla was safe with Justin.

Trista also brings up the fact that “approximately one month before” Ayla went missing, Justin purchased a life insurance policy, which Justin confirmed in his response. Well, one month before the disappearance was when she broke her arm. I wonder if Justin purchased it after he broke it, and I wonder why?

Justin’s responses are interesting too. In interviews, Justin’s lawyer claims the blood found came from “vomit”. But Trista described a much different scenario when she revealed what Maine State Police had shown her in a “slideshow“. She stated there were pictures of “blood drops, spatter, and a fist-sized stain on Justin’s bed”. This cannot be explained away by vomit. While there might be trace amounts of blood in vomit, there would not be enough to cause “drops”, unless Ayla was vomiting blood, in which case she should have been taken to the hospital immediately, not allowed to spew all over the house. Jeff Love appeared as a witness in the probate case, I wonder if he will be called in the lawsuit? He would be limited in what he could say…but I would be willing to bet he could at least testify as to whether it was actual blood or blood traces that could be present in the vomit. Wouldn’t Justin’s lawyer think of this?

It does look like Justin is ready to fight. His choice in lawyers is fascinating too! Michael Waxman was the attorney for Igor Malenko, who was tortured and vilified by his extremely crazy ex-wife Lori Handrahan. Attorney Waxman has fought valiantly for Mr. Malenko, pro bono even because he believed in his innocence.

The trouble is, Justin DiPietro is far from innocent. When evidence starts coming in through the discovery process, will Waxman stick by his client’s side?

Time will tell.

Speaking of time…let’s go over the timeline again. Now that Ms. Elisha DiPietro has provided new information.

It seems that Friday night was not just a “typical” night. Because she did not see Ayla that night. At all.

According to her probate deposition, Elisha never saw Ayla after being put to bed “in the basement” Thursday night. She did not see her at all on Friday. What she saw was Justin carrying a “bundle of blankets” into Ayla’s room. When she “checked” on her at 10:00, she saw the bundle of blankets in Ayla’s crib, but she never even bothered to remove them from around Ayla’s face.

Were these the same blankets found in the waterway? During the “slideshow” Trista claims she was shown pictures of the blankets. One was brown and pink checkered, the other was white with blue angels. I believe they must be important if the police kept them and showed them to her.

Thursday night was certainly a busy night. We know that Justin and his insurance salesman/best friend Derek Tudela went to Portland to retrieve Justin’s bed and belongings. We also know that Derek claims he saw Ayla sitting on a bed watching a video. Was this after the trip to Portland? I guess it must have been since Elisha claims Ayla was put to bed down in the basement Thursday night. Was this when she stained the bed with her blood? If it only arrived there on Thursday, it would have been the only time she could have.

Derek also claims he saw Ayla on Friday during a playdate with his infant son. I’m guessing this makes Derek the star of the lawsuit.

I wonder how he feels about that?


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  1. It is time that someone in that house owns up to the truth to what happened to that baby. She did not leave that house on her own. If their was an accident why are they all lying and where is Ayla. Did her father throw her away like garbage?? If so how can he live with himself!!! Ayla needs justice now!!!!

  2. This is a long time coming. I hope answers and truth will finally be brought to light. May peace be found by the family and the little one’s mother. ❤️

  3. Hi Grace. It’s nice to see someone blogging about Ayla.
    Like everyone, I hope that this law suit will bright about some answers.

  4. Ahh Grace good write ups as usual! I’ve missed hearing from you! Keep up the good work and great catches on Elisha changing her story! Go check out dark down east she’s got a good podcast on Ayla as well.

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