12 years ago today, Justin DiPietro reported his daughter Ayla Reynolds missing from his home in Waterville, Maine. Blood was found throughout the house and authorities say that the people who were in the house that night know more than they are telling.

Ayla’s mother, Trista Reynolds, had her daughter declared dead, and is currently suing Justin along with his sister, Elisha, and his mother, Phoebe DiPietro in a wrongful death lawsuit. Here is an article with an update on the lawsuit. SunJournal.

I started following this case as soon as I heard about it. I contacted Ayla’s family and helped with some blogs dedicated to raising awareness about her case. This was in early 2012.

A lot of strange things happened behind the scenes of those blogs between the two families and other parties in this case, but no one seems to remember it, and I still don’t understand what it all might mean. A lot of it was wiped from the internet, but a great deal is still available if you know where to look.

Of course, I also have screenshots, emails, messages, and just a ton of fascinating exchanges with many of the key players and some very interesting bit players as well. If anyone wants to analyze any of it, they are more than welcome to contact me.

I’ve also done a few articles on the astrology of this case on my other blog: www.forensicastro.com, if you’re into that kind of thing.

But the bottom line is this: Justin DiPietro knows what happened to Ayla Reynolds. Others may know bits and pieces but only Justin knows exactly what happened, and exactly where she is.

Justin, where is Ayla?


  1. Hi Grace, hope you’re doing well. I too stated following this case from the beginning . Ayla just seemed to pull at my heart strings. After following for a short time I became very intrigued. I still am very interested, and want Ayla to be found, and justice to take place. I don’t believe I have forgotten much of anything, and certainly agree, a lot of strange things took place, and was said. Good luck Grave, stay well.

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