8 Long Years

8 Long Years

It’s been eight long years since Ayla Bell Reynolds went missing from her father’s home on Dec 17, 2011. Justin claims he has no idea where Ayla is, but he suspects her mother had something to do with the disappearance. Trista Reynolds, Ayla’s mother, filed a wrongful death suit laying the blame at Justin’s feet one year ago today. What is the status of the case? I spoke to Justin’s attorney today to find out…

Michael J. Waxman is a noted attorney in Portland, Maine. He specializes in family law and he is well known for his heroic efforts to protect a young girl and her father from an abusive, malignant narcissist of a mother. (See here)

So where are we?

Mr. Waxman explained that they are still in the discovery phase and that several depositions have been taken by both sides.

“I will tell you this. I have seen no evidence so far that points to Justin’s guilt.”-Michael J. Waxman

Those are some pretty bold words considering that police and Trista claim that blood was found in the house, and that “Ayla is probably deceased.” Still, at this point, he is privy to more information than we are.

Trista’s lawyer states that they are “pursuing discovery vigorously.”

“We’re pursuing discovery vigorously,” Childs said, “and we wouldn’t be doing so if we didn’t think there was a reason to do so.” – Central Maine

One would think if they had found any culpable evidence they would have turned it over to law enforcement and Justin would be arrested. Wasn’t that the whole point of the case? To find “new” information to solve Ayla’s case? Yet they are requesting evidence from Maine State Police.

Why would law enforcement risk their criminal case against Ayla’s killer by releasing evidence for a civil trial?

My common sense tells me that’s not going to happen. Except for the blood evidence, which they were forced to release because Trista and Jeff overheard it being discussed and subsequently revealed it on a website and to the media at a vigil for Ayla, Maine State Police have been very sparse with details.

What’s next?

From Central Maine –

Superior Court Justice Thomas D. Warren has issued an order in Cumberland County Superior Court, dated Nov. 4, that stipulates the lawyer for Trista Reynolds shall provide the state with a list of items, information or documents by Nov. 22, and the state shall respond with its position on each item before Dec. 23.

After that, according to the order, the court will convene a discovery and status conference to determine future proceedings with respect to discovery, including a schedule of proceedings and whether formal subpoenas will be necessary.

Jury Contamination?

Why did Trista release information that could potentially harm the criminal case? Why has she (and Jeff) told several lies and given misleading statements since the beginning of the case? There have been so many inconsistencies and strange actions by the maternal family (both in public and behind the scenes) it makes one’s head spin!

Alternatively, the paternal family has kept to themselves, except for a few interviews here and there. Their message has stayed on point. I’m not saying their story rings true or makes sense, but they haven’t changed their tune.

What will the discovery show? Check back here to find out!

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